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A Letter from Our CEO &
President of the Board of Directors

In the busy comings and goings of one of New Hampshire’s ten community mental health centers, it is easy to get caught up defining ourselves through business practices and structure. While it remains imperative that we meet documentation standards, follow regulatory requirements, and monitor the bottom line, we must continue to develop and expand programming to provide for the changing needs of our community members. We are also acutely aware of our need to ensure patients are treated respectfully by highly qualified staff that can implement Evidence Based Practices and achieve improved health outcomes.

We should boldly define our work in terms of our responsibility as “holders of hope.” Holding hope means we raise expectations with support and affirmations that inspire people to move forward, take risks and believe in their success. As leaders of this great organization, these sentiments extend beyond those we treat but apply equally to our dedicated staff, and our communities, as we strive for excellence each day.

Behavioral health care is finally recognized as an integral part of health care and moreover, it is clearly specialized care. We are experts at treating the widest range of behavioral health issues, from the most complex to the simplest, most common illnesses. We are risk takers and have demonstrated this many times over our 54 year history. Our risks have included renovating our new downtown facility, building in our integrated care services, and will soon include same day access and expansion of our substance use disorder services. The risks we take as professionals are markedly different than that of First Responders or Law Enforcement officers. However, like them, we are calculated in our risk taking – knowing that the lives of our patients and their families are depending on our success as carriers of HOPE.

The challenges we face with work force shortages, low reimbursement rates, and increasing costs will not discourage our efforts to bring recovery to all. As we continue to grow and serve so many, so well, it would not be possible without you. We want to thank all our staff, our friends, and our stakeholders whose kindness, understanding and support gives us reason to work each and every day feeling hopeful and inspired.

Thank you all for your support and friendship.

Margaret M. Pritchard Jannine Sutcliffe
Executive Director President, Board of Directors

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