Community Partners

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller

Our mental health and our physical health and well-being are inextricably linked.  At the Lakes Region Mental Health Center, we believe good mental health is essential to one’s overall quality of life as well as the quality of life in our community.  We partner with health care providers, schools, employers and other organizations to provide mental health services that enhance their work and improve outcomes for those they serve.  Whether you need a clinician on site to see patients, weekly rounds from one of our medical providers, or a one-time training and education opportunity for your employees, the Lakes Region Mental Health Center can meet your needs.

Psychotherapy  Services

  • Provided by Master’s level clinicians
    • Individual Psychotherapy
    • Group Psychotherapy
    • Anger Management
    • Batterer’s Intervention
    • Sex Offender Evaluation
    • Sex Offender Group Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    • Elder Services
      • REAP/Outreach
      • Individual and Group Psychotherapy


Substance Abuse Services

  • Provided by MLADC
    • Individual Psychotherapy
    • Group Psychotherapy
      • Exploring Sobriety
    • LADC evaluations
    • Multiple Offender Program Service
    • Community Alcohol Intervention Program Services

Medical Services

  • Provided by an MD or APRN
    • Psychiatric Assessments
    • Prescription Services
    • Medication Monitoring
    • Geri-psychiatric Evaluations


Other Services

  • Provided by Master’s level clinician, MD, APRN
    • Trainings in all mental health areas
    • Consultation in all mental health areas
    • Crisis debriefing for traumatic events
    • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Services

All services are available at your location.  For more information on rates and scheduling, please contact Celia Gibbs at 603-524-1100 x324 or email


Nursing Homes

The rising population of older adults in the Lakes Region calls for more specialized mental health care.  Our providers are trained to work with the elder population and offer services in the following nursing homes and assisted living facilities:

Forestview Manor, Meredith

Taylor Community, Laconia

Saint Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Laconia

Belknap County Nursing Home


Primary Care Offices

Lakes Region Mental Health Center currently has clinicians providing mental health services in the following primary care offices:

Health First, Laconia

Caring for Women, Laconia

Belknap Family Health Center, Meredith

Westside Health Care, Franklin

Laconia Clinic



Treatment is effective when provided where a child lives, learns and plays.  Many of our services to children and their families are community-based, including having clinicians on site at many of our area schools to improve access to care for families and improve communication with others involved in their care.

Lakes Region Mental Health Center provides 24/7 Emergency Services to students in crisis at Plymouth State University (