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Corporate Compliance Plan

Lakes Region Mental Health Center (LRMHC) is committed to operating with the highest ethical standards. All Lakes Region Mental Health Center employees and anyone with whom the LRMHC has a business relationship are expected to act with integrity and to comply with the legal obligations in the performance of their responsibilities.

To assist in this endeavor, Lakes Region Mental Health Center has developed a Corporate Compliance Plan. The Corporate Compliance Plan is intended to demonstrate the commitment of the organization to comply with applicable laws and regulations. All employees and third parties with whom the LRMHC does business are expected to adhere to the Compliance Plan.

The Corporate Compliance Officer for Lakes Region Mental Health Center is Kim Giles, LICSW, Quality and Compliance Officer. To report an issue, please call the Corporate Compliance Line at 603-524-1100 x416 and leave a confidential voicemail. You may also contact Kim directly at 603-524-1100 x446 or Carrie Chandler at x205.

If you feel your rights have been violated, please use the form below to submit a complaint. You may also contact Kim Giles or Carrie Chandler at 603-524-1100 x446 and x205.

A complaint officer will investigate your complaint and you will receive a response within 30 days.

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Our Standards of Care

Quality healthcare can be described as striving for and reaching excellent standards of care. In mental health care, quality is a measure of whether services increase the likelihood of your desired treatment outcomes and are consistent with current evidence-based practices.

For people living with mental illness, and their families, quality emphasizes that services should produce positive outcomes. For practitioners, service providers, and policy makers, it emphasizes the best use of current knowledge and technology. Improved quality means that mental health services should (World Health Organization):

Provide accepted and relevant clinical and non-clinical care aimed at reducing the impact of the disorder and improving the quality of life of people with mental disorders.

Ensure that quality of care is improved in all areas, including mental health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in primary health care, outpatient, inpatient and community residential facilities.

Preserve the dignity of people with mental disorders.

Make more efficient and effective use of scarce mental health resources.

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