Our expert team of therapists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are trained to treat a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. We are prepared to provide the help necessary to promote recovery.

• Short Term:
We offer counseling for life issues, such as family and marital problems, coping with illness, bereavement, stress and depression.

• Long Term:
Services are prescribed according to the individual needs of the patient, and may include psychiatric evaluations, case management, counseling, medication and supported employment.



Case Managers will help you identify and advocate for your needs, as well as provide information about resources in the community. Needs may include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Finding stable housing
• Access to transportation
• Maintaining benefits
• Finding affordable child care options
• Making referrals to outside agencies
• Helping you access food resources
• Assisting with referrals for dental care, vision care, and primary care physicians
• Helping you access substance abuse supports
• Provide you support with accessing health care services
• Functional Support Services (FSS)
• Help with accessing resources in the community
• Help with practicing coping skills in the community that you learned in therapy


Medication management includes an assessment of your mental health and medication needs and provides for ongoing medication follow-up. Medication management may also include a nursing assessment and follow-up. Medication management is not offered alone; it is offered in conjunction with other clinical services you may have received.


Medication refills can be requested by using the medication refill telephone line by dialing extension 444. Please plan to call your requests in at least 7 days prior to needing your medication prescriptions filled.


Genoa is the onsite pharmacy in the Laconia office. They offer many different prescription dispensing options based on your needs. We do offer daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly prescription planners. They also accept most major health insurance plans.


During therapy, you will learn about your diagnosis, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Therapy helps you learn how to take control of your life and respond to challenging situations by using healthy coping skills.


The InSHAPE® program helps you improve your physical health and quality of life. Health Mentors encourage you to attend activities that already exist in the community and will join with you until you feel comfortable doing the activity on your own. Mentors create plans to include:
• Physical activity goals
• Healthy eating goals
• Attention to medical needs


Supported Employment is a program where a Supported Employment Specialist helps you find work in the community. Specialists work directly to:
• Find jobs that offer competitive wages
• Assist employers with any special patient needs
• Assist you with meeting education requirements that are related to maintaining a job
• Work to help you meet your needs in the workplace
• Help you build skills, talents and natural supports to ensure your success


IMR is a class that provides you with information about mental illnesses and introduces you to new coping skills that will help you better manage your illness, develop goals and make informed decisions about your treatment.
In IMR class, you will:
• Learn about your mental illness and the strategies for your treatment
• Experience a decrease in your symptoms
• Reduce relapses and returns to the hospital
• Progress toward meeting your recovery goals


We feature an integrated healthcare program where you can have your primary care needs met through LRMHC thanks to a collaboration with Mid State Health Center and Health First Family Care Center.


LRMHC offers transportation services. We operate two handicapped-accessible buses during the week, which can help you access the resources in your community. You do need to sign up in advance. For more information, contact your treatment team.

Join us for a collaborative discussion on Wednesday, June 14th at
Lakes Region Mental Health Center (40 Beacon Street E, Laconia)

"Supporting our kids and their challenges."

This event is free and open to the public. Join us as we discuss things like anxiety, peer pressure, sexual identity, and much more. See the full event flyer HERE.