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The health and safety of our patients, staff and their
families is of the utmost importance to us and we are taking proactive steps to
help stop the spread of COVID-19.   Lakes
Region Mental Health Center is monitoring the COVID-19 crisis closely and like
all health care facilities, we are adjusting our normal routines in response to
that crisis.

We have implemented screening for all patients and visitors
entering our facilities and ask that all persons abide by CDC safety guidelines
while onsite, e.g. safe distancing, hand washing etc.

LRMHC is in process of tailoring our alternative service
delivery protocols to meet the needs of each individual patient.  In some cases, that will involve the use of
audio-only or audio-video telehealth technology to deliver services, in other
circumstances, patients that will require in-person care will be required to
follow CDC protocols that include guidelines like safe distancing.  We are fortunate, in that LRMHC has been
utilizing telehealth services for more than 12 years so our job now is to
initiate an expansion of those services. 
We are maintaining regular communication with our patients and assisting
them in navigating technology that can help keep them safe and limit their
exposure to COVID-19.  So our approach to
treatment is really based on what works best for each patient and which service
is critical and most appropriate based on that person’s treatment plan.

We anticipate making more adjustments as we initiate remote
access and conform to state mandates given to NH citizens. We are an essential
medical service provider and the community and staff are acutely aware of the
need for our services in these trying times. By establishing best practices, we
are better positioned to protect the health of our most vulnerable populations.

Staff is continuing to work and implement the safest and
best practices for meeting the immediate treatment needs of our patients.  We are currently focused on reaching out to our
patients and keeping them apprised of any service delivery changes that may
impact them.  Given our access to
technology, and the new federal and state flexibility for care, we anticipate
both non-essential and some essential staff will be able to operate in a remote
environment.  However, our offices are open
for those who need us and our Emergency Services staff is available 24/7 for
all critical and emergent needs.

The most important message we want to communicate to our
patients and their family members is to ask that they please keep their phones
on and with them at all times so caregivers and family members can reach them.  Patients who don’t have phones may need extra
support and contact from friends and family who support them as well.  If your loved one is a patient and doesn’t
have access to a phone, let us know if there is anyone we should speak with who
can assist us in delivering essential communications to that individual.  Also, if you can assist our staff or the
patient directly in obtaining a phone, it would be greatly appreciated.   We encourage those who can to continue to
monitor our Facebook page for updates, tips etc., and to call their case
manager if they have specific questions or concerns.  Our staff is available to address any
concerns or questions that might arise.

You can reach our offices by calling 603-524-1100.  Our Emergency Services staff is available for
any critical or emergent needs and can be reached 24/7 by calling 528-0305.

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