LRMHC Receives Grants from Two Local Organizations!

Lakes Region Mental Health Center is the recipient of grant awards from two local organizations which help LRMHC expand and deliver services that meet the needs of the community.

THE GREATER LAKES REGION CHILDREN’S AUCTION awarded $15,000 for the purpose of expanding services for children. Using grant funds, ten LRMHC clinicians were trained as part of a state-funded Learning Collaborative Judge Baker Children’s Center is leading to implement MATCH in all 10 New Hampshire Community Mental Health Centers. The Modular Approach to Therapy for Children with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma or Conduct Problems (MATCH) is designed for children ages 6-15 years who have multiple disorders and problems encompassing anxiety, depression, trauma, and disruptive conduct, including the behavioral problems associated with ADHD. MATCH gives us the ability to treat more than 70% of the children we serve in a way that meets the needs of each child and provides children and their families with a way to better understand their challenges and tools to help manage their difficulties and improve their functioning.

LAKES REGION GRANITE UNITED WAY awarded $20,000.00 for the purpose of providing subsidized funding for the Adult Out Patient program. This program serves adults age 18-61 who are uninsured or underinsured, have little or no financial resources and who don’t qualify for state contracted services (i.e. Medicaid). Those without insurance tend to access the mental health system in the most expensive way-through the emergency department. Ensuring that these patients have access to short term mental health care reduces the overall cost of care (community care is better care), reduces the burdens on hospitals, law enforcement and our justice system. It results in better outcomes for the patient who can continue to maintain stable employment and housing, be active participants in their communities and foster stronger relationships with family and friends. Last year, LRMHC saw a 39% increase in the number of persons accessing services through the Emergency Room (ER). By sustaining the funding that supports the Adult Out Patient program, we can reduce ER utilization and increase the number of adults served in this program. Access to behavioral health care is one of GUW’s priorities and this program supports that focus.

On behalf of the Board and Staff at Lakes Region Mental Health Center, we are grateful for your support!