MATCH is the newest treatment to come to New Hampshire for children
and the family members that support them! MATCH is an evidence-based,
modular approach to treating Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and
Conduct-Related Disorders in children. MATCH works well in treatment
because it encourages creativity; it’s structured, and can involve the
whole family.

MATCH addresses areas related to social skills, depressive or anxious thoughts, or management or reduction of symptoms, among others. Because MATCH is so flexible, it can be adapted by the patient and the therapist if changes are needed. This therapy has been shown to decrease treatment time in comparison to other evidence-based practices, increase patient satisfaction with therapy, and decrease likelihood of returning to therapy. This treatment approach not only can help children with their symptoms, it’s also a structured way for parents to learn different ways to support their children and build on their parenting skills to foster healthier family relationships.

Interested in learning more about MATCH? The Child and Family Program has five trained MATCH clinicians! Give us a call and ask!

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