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If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency please contact our Emergency Services team at 603-528-0305, go to your local emergency room, or call 911.

What Does a mental Health Emergency look like?

A mental health emergency is a sudden change in the mental status of an individual due to a one-time event or as the result of a pre-existing mental illness. Events causing a mental health emergency can include loss of job, divorce, natural disaster or the sudden loss of a loved one. A mental health emergency can occur at any time to anyone, regardless of age, gender or class. Symptoms of a mental health emergency can include, but are not limited to:


Suicidal or homicidal thoughts.


Feelings of desperation or anxiety.


Delusional thoughts


Risk of harm to self or others.
harm to

Most of us don’t understand a mental health emergency until it happens to us or someone close to us. Perhaps a tragic event has affected our community: a family is the victim of a horrific crime, a young adult takes his or her own life, a woman shoots and kills her husband and then herself, a neighbor’s home is devastated by a fire. The role of the Lakes Region Mental Health Center Emergency Services team is not simply to work with the individual in crisis, but to work with the community after it. This may include meeting with emergency responders as they cope with a difficult case or with school children and teachers as they mourn the loss of a classmate and student.

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