NH’s 10-Year Mental Health Plan was developed from a statewide stakeholder process that included input from hundreds of interested parties who took a critical look at the current system. Input came from focus groups, workgroups, and public sessions held in recent weeks. The Plan addresses the needs of individuals and families across the continuum of care, and provides innovative models to meet the evolving environment and increasing complexity of the mental health system. While meaningful investments have been made to address the mental health system, more significant challenges remain.

We ask our Legislators for 100% Funding for the Priority Recommendations outlined in the 10-Year Mental Health Plan.

Lakes Region Mental Health Center is proud to support Mental Health Month every May. This year, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Mental Health Art Auction. We are currently looking for local artists to help support this event.

Theme: Celebrating Mental Health and Diversity Through the Arts

See the Art Auction Flyer for more information about submissions and auction details - or call us at 603-524-1100 x219.